Feedback received from exam candidates and training course attendees

Despite not achieving the pass mark I have nothing but good things to say about the exam and the process. The two people invigilating the exam were very friendly and put candidates at ease. The exam didn’t feel like a typical exam and more like an actual client engagement. I am already booked in for my resit but will be recommending the exam to my colleagues.
I hope Cyber Scheme bring out equivalents to other (cough)*Crest* (cough) exams so that we can apply for other certifications which they will help towards.

This was my second attempt at taking the CSTL infrastructure exam.
I was excited to retake the exam this time. Unlike other qualifications I have got, this feels a lot more like the real world, especially with the way the infrastructure is laid out. I find it a great change of pace to not be able to compromise every machine so that you have to think about the targets you go after.
It’s an incredibly good learning experience, too. The exam clearly prides itself on being focused on the real world, and it is a learning experience only this exam has taught me. It reinforces the point that the exam is NOT a ‘capture the flag’.
It has been a unique experience, one that I learnt a considerable amount from, something that no other exam has even come close. I’m truly thankful for you guys engineering it in such a way, you did a fantastic job.
I’m also appreciative that The Cyber Scheme is willing to work with those that have additional needs, as I was provided with extra time which allowed me to complete the environment.
Again, thank you to the team as a whole for a fantastic experience. It was so good that I’m planning to take CTL APP in the future!

I really like the exam and format, and I’ve done a lot over the years (CREST etc)!
Some thoughts:
• The assessors are helpful and give clear instructions, you get the impression they genuinely want you to pass
• The labs don’t feel contrived or unrealistic
• The feedback from the exam is excellent and useful
• Disc wiping is smooth and easy
• The entire process puts you at ease and reduces stress
Don’t really have any suggestions for improvements. Just keep going 🙂
(and I’m saying all this as someone who failed)

The Cyber Scheme staff were great. They put everyone at ease, and were as helpful as they could be (without doing the exam for us 😈)
Would be good to have some more Cyber Scheme exams. Incident Response, Security Architecture + Red Teaming.
I got a free t-shirt which is nice, but the image on it is nightmare fuel.
9/10 – would exam again.

It was absolutely spot on and the trainer, Paul was fantastic as well.
Overall, I think it was just long enough each day, notes were good, environment was good and conducive to learning.
The homework, to go home and have a few beers etc, was also great advice 👍

I found the course immensely interesting and Paul was the most incredible teacher of any course I have ever taken part in.
The fact that he was able to maintain his commitment to somebody like me who is not very knowledgeable or experienced in the technical side of things was quite remarkable.
It was really fascinating to see how Paul managed everyone on the course and was able to tailor every section to each persons capability.
Thank you for the opportunity!