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Do you need to gain or renew Check status? The Cyber Scheme provides the highest standard of Government approved examinations available, equivalent to Crest certification. Book here.

We provide CSTM training and advanced mentoring for pen testers in the government and commercial sectors, both in-house and onsite. Beginner to expert options: find out more here.

We liaise with several industry bodies including UKCSC, CiiSec, NCSC and more on behalf of our sponsors and the wider cyber security community. Check here for updates.

We are on a mission to increase the number of certified and experienced penetration testers evaluating the security of both public sector and private companies. Join the best in the business with our NCSC accredited exams and comprehensive practitioner training.

“Having sat security related exams from a number of providers over the past 15 years, I feel that the approach taken to exams and learning by the Cyber Scheme is by far one of the best in our industry. During interviews we find candidates who have been through the Cyber Scheme are very capable both in technical and consultative skills.”

Antonio Cassidy, Partner, Pen Test Partners

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Our CSTM training course is designed to help you prepare for your CSTM exam. We also offer advanced mentoring for practitioners wishing to further their practical knowledge of ethical hacking and identify knowledge gaps.

The Cyber Scheme is accredited by NCSC to offer examinations that meet UK Government Standards in Penetration Testing. Our exams are industry leading, with both written and practical elements, an interview, and detailed reporting.

We have an innovative sponsorship scheme in which members gift time to work with us on issues important to industry. Current projects include entry level pathways, Red Teaming, Incident Response, and bespoke training modules.

We aim to support, educate and recruit a new generation of talent, including those who traditionally have been unable to access a career in cyber security, addressing the current skills gap and growing a robust cyber industry for the future.

Companies currently certified with The Cyber Scheme

Who are The Cyber Scheme and what do we do?

The Cyber Scheme was established in 2013 to develop robust professional standards for ethical security testers. 

We provide a high quality platform for certification in critical skills areas required to support the UK’s National Cyber Security needs, having been contracted to operate technical certification for the CHECK assured service scheme operated by The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

In 2021 we expanded the focus of our testing services from Check provision to training and education, driven by the awareness that the failure rate of our assessments was too high at a time when industry was desperate for more pen testers to fill contracts – both within Government bodies and in the private sector.

We believe in making assessments both relevant and accessible to everyone, regardless of education and background. We don’t believe in making technical exams too difficult to pass.

Our unique approach includes simplifying entry level pathways into what sometimes feels like an impenetrable industry, creating real-world scenarios for our exam candidates and supporting pen testers from entry to expert level with training, advanced mentoring and our industry leading sponsorship programme.

Gain your Check accreditation with the following exams:

Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM) exam – £500+Vat

A pass in this technical qualification is one of the mandatory assurance checks undertaken by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) before CHECK Team Member Status can be awarded.

The exam is suitable for individuals who want formal certification of their understanding of the theory and practical elements of cyber security and the fundamentals of penetration testing. 

Cyber Scheme Team Leader (CSTL) Infrastructure Exam – £1600+VAT

This qualification is one of the mandatory assurance checks undertaken by the NCSC before CHECK Team Leader Status can be awarded. Cyber Scheme award certificates recognised by NCSC as confirmation that the necessary technical standard for CHECK has been met.

The exam is suitable for candidates who require formal certification of an expert level understanding of cyber security and penetration testing.

Cyber Scheme Team Leader (CSTL) Web Application – £1600+VAT

This assessment is structured to simulate a real-world penetration test. It comprises three phases: scoping, a practical examination and an interview.

Candidates must demonstrate expert knowledge of all aspects of conducting a penetration test including legal and ethical issues, vulnerabilities and core capabilities.

“This was my first interaction with The Cyber Scheme and it was a very positive experience. The booking was easy, the communication from the staff was great and any queries were quickly answered and resolved.

On the day the assessors were very clear on the rules, scoping and expectations. The scoping and interview aspects were handled really well, and it is reassuring to know that the assessors understand what is required and have a higher level of technical knowledge than the candidates.”

CSTL candidate

“I can honestly say that the CSTM exam was head and shoulders above the exam I sat 3 years ago. Both in terms of the exam content and the exam invigilators. The “open book” nature of the practical exam was a breath of fresh air, and the theory side was fair and certainly more “modern” than others I have experienced”.

CSTM candidate

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The Cyber Scheme is accredited by NCSC to write, undertake and assess exams for the CHECK scheme and for Cyber Advisor.

We are proud to be a member of the UK Cyber Security Council.

We are proud to be a corporate member of CIISec.