First Impressions of the Cyber Security Industry

When someone brings up the topic of the cyber security industry there is a clear image that springs to mind: the stereotypical hacker in a back room – usually a faceless man in a hoodie, and binary code or occasionally padlocks and broken laptops. After starting a role within this industry, it became clear that […]

How The Cyber Scheme rose to the challenge

Charles White, managing director of The Cyber Scheme’s thoughts on why The Cyber Scheme needed to step up. Few will know that The Cyber Scheme has just turned 9 years old, and yet it’s amazing that in the last 18 months we have established ourselves as a competent and reliable provider, not just to NCSC, […]

Failure is an option…

“Thank you for taking your assessment with the Cyber Scheme. Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful on this occasion” Paul Richards, Lead Assessor for the Cyber Scheme, gives some valuable insights into how to pass an exam with us. I have an amazing, very rewarding and somewhat unusual profession. I get to watch people who treat […]

Why the cybersecurity skills gap is a threat to business – and what to do about it

By Debi McCormack, Sales and Marketing Director, The Cyber Scheme The demand for cybersecurity skills is on the rise in all sectors, but the supply isn’t keeping up.  The Cyber Scheme is one of only two organisations accredited by the NCSC to offer Government-standard penetration testing examinations – and therefore right at the coalface of […]

Build a Better Hacker

By Paul Richards, Head Of Training & Assessment, The Cyber Scheme Becoming an ethical hacker or penetration tester at practitioner level takes between three and twelve months, with gifted and talented or people already in a similar role having a head start. The candidate should never stop learning but there comes a point where they […]

Career pathways for pen testers and ethical hackers

What is commonly known as the cyber security ‘career pathway’ isn’t a pathway at all – it’s currently a bit of a meandering mess through impenetrable standards, acronyms and confusing training options that not only result in people taking tests and then finding out they mean nothing in the ‘real world’, but even worse being put off […]

Joint collaboration between APMG and The Cyber Scheme

Press Release July 14 2022 JOINT COLLABORATION: APM GROUP  (APMG) AND THE CYBER SCHEME are working together to create exams and accreditation programmes in the field of Cyber Security for training organisations and individuals.  The Cyber Scheme and APMG  are pleased to announce a new collaborative working arrangement designed to help professionals develop and grow […]

CSTM and CSTL syllabus – what do I need to know?

It’s acknowledged amongst candidates wishing to obtain a Check accreditation with The Cyber Scheme that this exam isn’t easy. In fact, on any given day approx. 60% of our attendees can expect to fail the assessment. This can of course be for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common pieces of feedback […]

New Sponsor – AMR CyberSecurity

We’re happy to announce we have another new Sponsor on board – welcome to AMR CyberSecurity. Martin Walsham, Principal Consultant at AMR CyberSecurity, states, “AMR is proud to be a sponsor of Cyber Scheme to support the work that they are doing in addressing the current skills gap and providing opportunities and learning courses to those who […]