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Are you interested in becoming part of an exciting collaboration between the UK’s cyber industry and the wider community?

Our mission, with the help of our sponsors, is to change the face of the pen testing industry. We currently provide the highest standard of industry qualifications, and will shortly be expanding the focus of testing from CHECK into Red Teaming and onto OT scenarios and beyond. 

Additionally, we are here to support, educate and recruit a new generation of talent who traditionally have been unable to access a career in cyber security, addressing the current skills gap and helping our sponsors to source, train and employ the next generation of cyber security professionals and allow them to enter the industry ready for work. 

We are delighted to announce that, after starting our sponsorship scheme only months ago, we now have over 40 confirmed sponsors – all of which are actively involved in the provision of penetration testing services as well as many other specialisms (check our individual sponsor pages here for more information on each). From micro-businesses to multi-national companies, we have welcomed each as a contributor, and they have been invited to attend various workshops and planning sessions at our Assessment Centre, becoming actively involved in our ongoing initiatives. This collaborative approach is being noticed by the industry; collectively our voice is so much stronger – and The Cyber Scheme are committed to providing an objective, supportive opinion on behalf of our Sponsors when legislating for change amongst official bodies.

We don’t ask for a financial commitment from our sponsors – in fact at most levels of sponsorship we can offer discounts on our CSTM and CSTL exams which are a huge benefit to companies processing multiple candidates. What we do ask for is a commitment of time, from 5-20 days per year from CTL-equivalent qualified members, which we use to help develop our ongoing projects. As the sponsorship scheme grows and matures, so too will the projects our sponsors will be asked to contribute to – and we will happily undertake initiatives brought to us by sponsors where we recognise the need for change.

Upcoming projects which our sponsors are invited to contribute to include:

• The creation of a new, universally recognised red teaming standard including service definitions and roles
• Incident response research and development – NCSC cyber adversary simulation
• Development and contribution of short education videos for a knowledge portal aimed at career transitioners
• Uplifts for CTM and CTL exam rigs with industry relevant content updates to exam questions. 

As an organisation we are also committed to helping our charity partners educate the wider community, distributing surpluses to provide support and education as well as developing training portals for those from a non-academic background who are interested in a career in this exciting industry. We aim to increase the talent pool entering the cybersecurity industry, and are working with CiiSEC and The Cyber Security Council, providing guidance on the provision, accreditation and development of the pen testing industry. By doing so we will be able to present industry-ready newcomers to our sponsors to help fill the ever growing skills gap.

We have a busy time ahead of us, establishing projects, introducing training modules, increasing our training provision, and more. It’s an exciting time to be joining The Cyber Scheme’s sponsor community – so if you’re interested in become a Sponsor, please fill in the enquiry form below, and we look forward to working with you.

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Cyber Scheme sponsorship is open to individuals, corporate organisations, Government bodies and the academic community.  We look forward to working with you and building an exciting scheme which our industry, and the community as a whole, will benefit from.

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