Rootshell Security

Rootshell Security is transforming vulnerability management with its vendor-agnostic Prism Platform and industry-leading offensive security assessments.

Prism Platform is Rootshell’s innovative, next generation vulnerability management solution. The platform empowers IT security teams and transforms their remediation process by streamlining and accelerating workflows, contextualising issues, providing real-time insights, and much more.

Rootshell’s RedForce team of certified, seasoned, and highly skilled testers, deliver cutting-edge red team assessments for some of the world’s largest organisations. The team’s extensive experience of how threat actors operate ensures that clients are fortified against ever-evolving adversarial tactics. Our RedForce assessments include penetration testing, managed vulnerability scanning, phishing, ransomware, cyber threat intelligence services, and more.

Key Specialities

We have aligned Prism Platform with the Gartner® Vulnerability Management Cycle to ensure that best practice processes guide your remediation programmes.

In line with industry best practice, Prism Platform enables you to:

  • Consolidate supplier assessment data
  • Integrate and standardise assessment data
  • Contextualise and prioritise assessment data
  • Streamline remediation workflow
  • Track and validate remediation results
  • Visualise and analyse technical risk across the whole organisation


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