MASS is a global technology company, trusted by the most secure organisations to provide advanced, highly-secure digital services centred around data.

MASS has built its reputation through decades in defence, providing training, electronic warfare and cyber security services for governments to keep their confidential information safe. 

Key Specialities

We provide digital managed services, threat assessment, penetration testing, cyber essentials certification, security design, and cyber security training.


MASS now offers its data management and protection solutions to other sectors where data security expertise is crucial.

MASS works in partnership with customers to fit solutions to their needs, using highly-skilled, technical experts.


With years of experience in some of the most secure organisations in the world, our experts develop solutions and deliver services that protect and future-proof your company against cyber threats.

A Complete Service

An organisation’s cyber security posture must match their risk profile and business goals. We’ll look at organisations from every angle; from the technical to security policies and procedures to your people.


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