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Senior Exam Assessor: Closing date: Feb 11th 2022

The Cyber Scheme provides IASME VA+ and CHECK CTM & CTL exams throughout the year from our offices in Cheltenham. Due to the growth in demand for assessments and our intention to become a ISO17024 certified assessment provider, we are looking for a senior assessor to join the team.

As a member of the UK Cyber Security Council we support and contribute towards the goal of creating a formal profession for the Cyber Security industry going forward.

The core roles of the post will include:

  • Assessment of Cyber Scheme Team Member Candidates
  • Assessment of Cyber Scheme Team Leader Candidates
  • Assessment of Vulnerability Analyst for Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Liaison with the assessor team
  • Liaison with NCSC on assessment standards evolution (and research time to support that)
  • Assessment development
  • Development of teaching aids and training materials to support talent development in line our community projects

It is important that this role also maintains a good level of practical application of skill in the workplace so access to hands on testing work will be designed into the role going forward.

Cyber Scheme will offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Suitable candidates will hold the following qualifications:

  • Current CTL Infrastructure, Web Applications or both status (recently expired accreditation may be considered). Certifications from any of the three exam bodies are also accepted in this context.
  • A minimum of 3 Years testing experience at CTL Level
  • Experience of delivering Training in formal settings

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact

We’re looking to work with industry to build an alternative examinations body which provides industry qualifications and a route for new talent to access a career in cyber security. We will expand the focus of examinations from CHECK into Red Teaming and onto OT scenarios.

Our not-for-profit ethos dictates that The Cyber Scheme will distribute surpluses to provide support and education to young and vulnerable groups. We are bringing together three separate but complementary entities, The Cyber Scheme providing industry qualifications and access for talent to certified companies, The Cyber Security Challenge which seeks to find, educate and prepare talented individuals who want to become part of our industry, and The Cyber Trust whose aim is to provide cyber security support and education to communities.  

Cyber Scheme is a member of the Cyber Security Council and will engage with them on behalf of the Cyber community to ensure the standards we develop are fully aligned with the Council and the wider aims of the UK Government.

Our long term mission is consistent with the UK Government’s National Cyber Strategy 2022, focussing on building a resilient Digital UK.