Byte Security

Byte Security provides cyber security consultancy services, with the assurance that we can deliver the agreed scope without any hidden fees.

This bespoke offering can abolish having to pay extra for a retest which is costly and affect meeting deadlines, due to the obsolete business model most companies still use today.

As a trusted IASME Certification Body, Byte Security Deliver also deliver the following Services:
•IASME Cyber Essentials Self-Assessments
•IASME Cyber Essentials PLUS Audits
•IASME Governance Self-Assessments
•IASME Governance Gold Audits

Fred Smith – CEO & Founder of Byte Security Ltd can be found on LinkedIn here

Key Specialities

Penetration Testing

Byte Security offers a range of penetration testing services which can be tailored to our client requirements.

During initial consultation, we work closely with our clients to identify a scope of work and draft a bespoke proposal.

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Cloud Services

Byte Security Ltd perform cloud services reviews which are benchmarked against popular security hardening standard frameworks such as The Center for Internet Security.

We can also help to secure your businesses when making changes to your cloud environment as part of a wider project.

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Gap Analysis

With support from CMLW Consulting, Byte Security now offer pre certification gap analysis and implementation support for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Attaining and maintaining these two standards provide a great framework to support the development and management of robust and effective management systems, policies and processes alongside all the legal, physical and technical information security controls that are necessary in today’s digital world.

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