The NCSC and IASME are preparing the launch of a new assured Cyber Advisor scheme. The Cyber Scheme have helped develop and build the assessment platform and it has recently passed a comprehensive architectural review, meaning that the next phase of this exciting scheme can now be delivered.

What is The Cyber Advisor Scheme?

This scheme will extend assured cyber security consultancy services to a wider market of small and medium sized firms, helping to ensure a minimum standard of security. The NCSC is currently inviting organisations to help stand-up this new service and develop the scheme ready for an official launch. Initially 100 free Cyber Advisor assessments will be funded by the NCSC.   

These NCSC Assured Service Providers organisations will be able to provide customers with practical help to better understand and implement the cyber security advice and guidance issued by Government and the NCSC. Advice will initially be focused on Cyber Essentials’ five technical controls – firewalls, secure settings, access controls, malware and software updates – and qualified Cyber Advisors will help customers meet these controls and implement any recommendations.

To register your interest, learn more about the scheme or discover how to become a Cyber Advisor or Assured Service Provider, please visit the dedicated page on IASME’s website here

Guidance for candidates

The Cyber Scheme is pleased to be providing assistance on behalf of The NCSC and IASME and will be organising logistics, assessment provision, data collection and reporting when the scheme is underway.

Details regarding locations, dates and practical requirements will be added as soon as we have them.

The overall aim of the assessment is to ensure that candidates have demonstrated the necessary competencies to successfully perform the duties of a Cyber Advisor. Please see below for detailed information.


All candidates are responsible for ensuring they are ready for the assessment. In preparation, candidates should have a good understanding of:

  • The Duties, Knowledge, Skills, Behaviours required of a Cyber Advisor as well as the Assessment Criteria – details about the Cyber Advisor assessment can be found below. Prospective candidates are advised self-assess against these requirements and only book an assessment once they consider they meet the requirements.
  • The NCSC Cyber Essentials Requirements for IT Infrastructure.

Candidates requiring reasonable adjustments must inform the assessment body at the time of booking. Candidates may be asked to consider alternative assessment dates in order to ensure the reasonable adjustments can be implemented appropriately.

Typical Scenarios

Candidates will be presented with real-life organisational scenarios and will be required to understand the organisation and any issues it may have in achieving compliance with Cyber Essentials controls. During the assessment, candidates may be asked to:

  • Present findings.
  • Present options.
  • Plan implementation activities.
  • Work with customers or their representatives.
  • Implement solutions.

Throughout the process, assessors will observe candidates and will note candidates’ responses to the requirements of the assessment.

To ensure fairness of the assessment, assessors will be provided with reference material to assess candidates against.

The Assessment Day

Assessments will typically take XX hours.

Candidates are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before the assessment starts. Candidates who arrive late may not be allowed to participate and will forfeit the assessment fees.

If a candidate is delayed in arriving at the assessment centre, they must contact the assessment centre staff as soon as possible by calling xxxx xxx xxx.

Candidates will be required to bring a valid proof of identity, which can be one of the following:

  • A full UK photo driving licence.
  • Passport.
  • Government issued photo ID.
  • Photo ID issued by an employer.

Candidates will not be able to take any materials into the assessment with them. All materials required during the assessment will be provided.

Details about the Cyber Advisor assessment

Details will be added as soon as content is confirmed.

How To Apply

Applications to become a Cyber Advisor should be submitted using the appropriate form on the IASME website here. All applications will be received and dealt with by the Cyber Advisor delivery partner, IASME. There are 100 funded places that will be allocated in line with the requirements to adequately test and build the scheme.